Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Miriel!

2011 02 08_3392_edited-1

A year ago today my sweet baby girl was born. I can truly say it has been a delightful year of enjoying her easy, smiling disposition and watching her grow into the fun and curious little girl she is. Parenting two children rather than one has certainly had its challenging moments, but the change has come so much more easily for us than when Gavin was born.

We celebrated today with a little cake, a few gifts and some decorations. Balloons are Miriel's very favorite thing right now, so we made sure to get a few. Without further ado, the sequence of birthday events:

2011 02 08_3387_edited-1

2011 02 08_3404_edited-1

2011 02 08_3405_edited-1

2011 02 08_3415_edited-1

2011 02 08_3424_edited-1

2011 02 08_3430_edited-1

2011 02 08_3434_edited-1

2011 02 08_3436_edited-1

2011 02 08_3440_edited-1

2011 02 08_3445_edited-1

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