Sunday, October 31, 2010

the dog and the cat

Gavin and Miriel were a dog and cat for Halloween. We took a few photos and visited a few neighbors but didn't spend much time on Halloween other than that. They were super cute, though, and Gavin was excited about being a dog and knocking on doors to get candy. We'll see if he asks tomorrow if he can do it again... (he did last year!). We also saw our friends the Laceys and the Austins and took some photos of all our kids in their costumes together (Ella, Charlie, Miriel and Gavin). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so hopefully I can snag a photo of theirs in the near future!

2010 10 31_2794_edited-1

2010 10 31_2793_edited-1

2010 10 31_2806_edited-1

2010 10 31_2801_edited-1

2010 10 31_2796_edited-1

2010 10 31_2811_edited-1


Miriam said...

Your children are adorable. Bet you've never heard that before. Oh wait, you're part of the YOUNG family. You hear it just about every day :) And glad you love that book too. It's so lovely and kind of makes me want to move to Europe and go to Oxford! Only if i can live on a cobblestone street, though.

Zach and Amanda said...
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Zach and Amanda said...

Fabulous pictures! They look so good.

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