Saturday, June 5, 2010

She Has Hands!

2010 05 26_0590_edited-1

Miriel has found her hands! (It actually happened about a week ago, and I took some photos and was going to write a blog post but then got sick, and you know how that goes.) She's enjoying her play gym a lot more now that she can bat the toys around.

2010 05 26_0580_edited-1

2010 05 26_0633_edited-1

Along with using her hands to grab things, she figured out how to chomp on them, too. And when she figured out how to gnaw on her own hands, she realized that she wanted to gnaw on everything - our knuckles, her rubber giraffe, her clothes... pretty much anything that gets near her mouth.

2010 05 26_0585_edited-1

At least one person in our household has been sick to varying degrees for the last month and will probably continue to be for at least another week or so. Chad and Gavin are in the beginnings of whatever I am at the end of, which lasted about a week and a half for me. We've been staying home a lot and not doing much. Hopefully that will end soon, as I am getting quite tired of the inside of our house.

But since we've been at home a lot, we decided now was as good of a time as any to conquer the dreaded potty-training! "We" does in fact include Gavin, since he was the one who asked to wear underwear in the first place. It's been about 2 weeks so far, and I am really happy with the progress we've made. He is both peeing and pooping in the potty with only about one accident per day and wearing underwear all the time (even to bed). He is also telling us when he needs to go most of the time, although we try to remember to ask him if we suspect he's ignoring the urge just to keep playing. The pooping has definitely been the harder thing to help him with, but he is learning and is really doing a great job. He has had a great attitude about the whole thing (most of the time) and loves to pick out new pairs of underwear.

2010 06 05_0653_edited-1

2010 06 05_0655_edited-1

2010 06 05_0657_edited-1

(I promise I did not try to get them both to open their mouths... I only noticed once the photos were on my computer!)

2010 06 05_0646_edited-1

2010 06 05_0683_edited-1

2010 06 05_0684_edited-1

Gavin took this one...

2010 06 05_0658_edited-1

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