Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sometimes I don't write because it's been so long that I feel guilty and obligated to catch up on everything from the last post until the current. Yes, that's ridiculous, but it happens. Just like I feel guilty that I haven't taken a single photograph of Miriel (who is currently 4 1/2 weeks old) since she turned 1 week old and therefore feel like I need to take lots of photos of her when I finally do get out the camera, and good ones, so I don't end up getting out the camera at all since it's a big task. Well, today I am writing in this blog, at least a few sentences about each of my wonderful children, and tomorrow (when she is awake) I will take at least one photograph of Miriel and not obsess about it being a spectacular one.

Miriel continues to be overall a mellow and happy baby, and we are so thankful. She's the cutest to me when she's awake and alert, looking around and making faces. I love to see her smiles, even though they're not predictable and I cannot manage to elicit one no matter how hard I try (yes, I know it's really too early for that anyway). She loves to cuddle and be held. In the last few days she has gotten baby acne (or possibly a rash). When we weighed her at my in-laws on Thursday, she was 9 pounds 3 ounces - almost 3 pounds more than when she came home from the hospital 4 weeks before. The last week or so she has been a little more fussy and less happy to be put down, anywhere or any time, so I have been getting considerably less done. (But it's hard to get "considerably less" done that what I had been doing, since that was very little to start with - which, by the way, I am not feeling guilty about.) As far as I have read, though, this is normal and she'll start getting less fussy and develop more of a sleeping pattern in a couple more weeks. (Miriel so far has pretty much followed the general pattern of what is "normal" in the baby books, very much unlike her brother.)

Gavin's most recent development is his imagination, which has completely taken off in the last month. He has been coming up with all kinds of amazing comlex things lately and never fails to give us a good laugh. One of his favorites right now is to look for lions and tigers and wolves in the bushes (any bushes, anywhere) with a stick (and yes, he came up with this all by himself). What he really wants is for one of us to look with him and then say "roar" loudly and grab his shoulders, scaring him a little, and then he giggles and wants to do it all over, again and again. He has tons of energy and fills our days with life. Along with his exploding imagination he has also started to become afraid of things in his room at night, which has been interesting to help him deal with (and we haven't quite figured it out yet). Learning how to discipline him as he gets older is always a challenge for us but so far (at least recently) it feels like a good one, keeping us on our toes and helping us to grow and learn as parents.

Several people have asked how it's going getting adjusted to having two children, and I really have felt so far that it is a much easier experience for us than having the first one was. Emotionally, I am not wrung out by an always-fussing baby whom I can't figure out what's wrong with or how to console. Instead I have a happy and fun toddler keeping my mind occupied and a cuddly baby to snuggle with. Not that Gavin doesn't ever throw fits and Miriel doesn't ever cry or have gas or just get uncomfortable and fussy, definitely to the contrary! But it's not all day every day. And I have perspective. We made it through the always-fussing never-happy baby to get to the energetic smiling toddler. Nothing lasts forever, and when Miriel gets gassy and irritated or I get 5 hours of sleep divided up into 3 segments because Miriel wanted to eat 3 times during the night and Gavin was up twice, I know because of experience that we can get through it, the gassiness will pass and every night won't be like that. And I also know that, for this newborn stage, two weeks from now things will likely be quite different from how they are at the moment. Miriel will probably be sleeping for longer stretches at night, at least sometimes, and her digestive tract will be more developed. I think this time around I am getting the opportunity to enjoy having a newborn, being present in and thankful for the moment. Not that I always do, but I often do, and that is such a blessing.

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AmyRobynne said...

It's great to hear how you're holding up!

I found the newborn stage to be much easier with baby #2 because I felt so much less clueless and, like you said, had some perspective and knew things would keep changing and we'd survive. It was harder when baby #2 started crawling and the toddler was ticked that he didn't have the place to himself anymore. Starting to crawl with baby #1 required some baby-proofing but mostly it was fun to see him on the move. Months 6-9 were the hardest of my two-child time. I'll be curious to see what happens when we add baby #3. Peter will be gone all day and Leo will be gone in the mornings, so that will be different.