Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

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Yesterday Saturday was a beautiful, warm day in Portland. (I originally started this post on Saturday night, then finished most of it on Sunday and now am finally posting it on Monday. The life of a mom, I tell you - nothing ever gets finished in one sitting). Despite the fact that there are a million things we could have been doing at home, several of which desperately need to be done, we decided to take advantage of the weather and go on a walk. We walked to the MAX station, rode the train downtown, went to Finnegan's toy store and got Gavin a 48-piece puzzle (because he has mastered all the 24-piece puzzles we have for him) and had an early dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. It was so nice to be outside! It did take us a good 1.5 hours or so to get out of the house, but that's faster than the 4 hours it took me a few days ago (without Chad) to leave for a dentist appointment. (No, I don't have pictures. I didn't take the camera because we were carrying enough to clothe, diaper and feed an army already.)

Speaking of getting out of the house, that's something I feel like we don't do much of these days. I've chickened out of taking both Gavin and Miriel to the grocery store multiple times now, mainly because just the thought of getting everyone to a point where we can walk out the door is overwhelming, not to mention how to manage them when we finally get to the store (especially if it's Trader Joe's, where the carts are small and, although they will hold the carseat, they won't hold anything else). And the time, too - at least 1.5 hours, if we don't try to shower. If I want to be clean, probably more like 2.5 hours. Or 4+ if Miriel is fussy, needs many diaper and clothing changes, and everything ends up taking so long that we then have to make and eat lunch, like a few days ago. I totally agree with my friend Kate (who also has two little ones), who says it's the logistics that get you with two. The getting-out-of-the-house thing is especially confounding when Miriel cries or wakes up within 3 minutes of me putting her down (I would say that this happens nearly all the time, except that it hasn't been happening consistently for the past 2 days, for which I am incredibly grateful. Edit - we're back to Miriel needing to be held most of the time again). Thankfully it's still March and often rainy, so I don't feel compelled to leave too much, and Gavin is pretty happy playing inside or in the back yard most of the time, too. And I am ever so thankful that Chad is home a lot and lets me go to the grocery store by myself. (Another edit - I went to the grocery store today and took Gavin. It's amazing how easy it felt to take just him - and not be hugely pregnant - now that I could be taking two!)

(About that 48-piece puzzle - after doing it the first time with Chad, Gavin did it mostly by himself the second time, with a few hints here and there from me. And today (yes, Monday) I did very little helping and he finished the whole thing. I guess we'll be back at the store for another one soon... maybe 80 pieces next time?)

By the way, I did in fact take that photo of Miriel I said I would take. I even took some of Gavin, too. (And then the next day I took some more, because I wasn't satisfied with the first ones.) Here's proof:

2010 03 14_0068_edited-1

2010 03 14_0093_edited-1

And the next day's photos...

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2010 03 15_0015

2010 03 15_0020

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