Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome Miriel Salome!

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Miriel was born a week ago, February 8, weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. Her birth story will come soon, but for a quick synopsis, she was born naturally (but with the aid of a tiny bit of pitocin) after 2 hours of active labor and was healthy despite the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck twice. We are so thankful for a quick and healthy delivery! Miriel is a happy, content and sleepy baby and, so far, cries only when she's hungry or gassy (which is not often). We are all in love with her, and Gavin is so tender and loving with his baby sister.

Brother and Sister

When considering her name, we first decided on her initials, MSY, which are the same as mine. When I was born, my dad gave me his initials (MHS) and, although she will likely change her initials someday, I wanted to continue/start the tradition on my side of the family. Also, my dad's mom and grandmother both had first names starting with M (they were both Margaret), so we are continuing the M names. Miriel (pronounced to rhyme with "cereal", and a spelling derivative of Muriel) was a name that Chad and I both ended up liking (a major accomplishment) and Gavin approved of and even remembered for two weeks without being reminded.

We actually decided on her middle name first (pronounced sa-lohm), because it means "peace." (Miriel means "sea bright, so together, if you finagle the words a little, Miriel Salome means "bright sea of peace.") Peace and it's source, Christ's authority in my life, have been major themes for me in the last few years, especially after having Gavin and going through the first 6-ish months of his life when he was fussy and generally unhappy all the time. Although I had/have no wishes to have a similar experience with this baby, I have learned to trust that God will give me the grace to go through whatever it is that He has for me, and whatever He gives is actually the best and perfect gift, fashioned especially to grow and shape me exactly in the best way. It doesn't matter what her disposition is or will be because trusting in Christ's perfect plan and love for me is the source of peace. (I have been pleasantly surprised so far, though, to find that she seems to like the meaning of her name and is quite glad to be peaceful.)

Miriel Salome

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Amy and Jason said...

I adore that girl like crazy! that last picture...holy cuteness!! Good words on trusting God's authority....I'm with you on that lesson continuing to be learned. :)

Emily said...

Wow. That is one seriously beautiful baby girl. Congratulations, again!

Lindsi said...

What sweet little pictures:) Congratulations to you and your family! I also love the meaning of her name!

The Bell Family said...

Congratulations, Young family!! She is beautiful! Will be looking forward to more blog updates and to hearing about your birth story! Go, Michelle!
Please let us know if you need anything-meals, company, a play-date for Gavin etc. .
The Bell family

Paul said...

So...when can she spend the night? How amazing and incredible...just love this grandparenting thing...and love you all!

Paul said...

So...when can she spend the night? How amazing and incredible...just love this grandparenting thing...and love you all!