Friday, November 6, 2009

Tender Moments

Gavin and I were both extra cranky today. He's been lacking some sleep lately and was hungry without my realizing it several times. I seem to have a little extra dose of pregnancy hormones helping me to be moody and irritable for a few days (well, hopefully it's just for a few days!). So putting our two ornery selves together made for a rather frustrating day for both of us. But God gently reminded me tonight what a rewarding and wonderful experience this being-a-mother thing is, even including the daily grind of discipline and teething, sleeping and eating.

When Gavin was a baby (maybe a month or two old) I made up a simple song to sing to him while he nursed before taking a nap or sleeping for the night. Whenever he got old enough to have and express a preference, he started telling me not to sing the song (probably because he knew it meant he had to go to sleep!), so I got out of the habit of singing it to him. Tonight as I was rocking him (for the second time) I decided to try it again, and to my surprise he listened closely and looked up at me while I sang. He asked me to sing it again another 3 or 4 times (it's kind of long!) and then pulled my face down to his and gave me kisses for a minute or two. Then when I put him in his bed he pulled my hand to his mouth and kissed it, too. It was so touching for him to spontaneously express such love to me in the ways I usually express it to him. (I have to say I'm also relieved to know that my song doesn't seem to bring tortuous memories to him since he almost always cried before going to sleep!)

Thank you, Jesus, for these beautiful gifts in the midst of the daily struggles of being a mother that help me remember to be thankful for the amazing blessing my child is to me.

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COURTNEY said...

Beautiful post. How sweet is that??!!