Sunday, November 1, 2009


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Yesterday we took Gavin trick-or-treating to friends' houses in our neighborhood and then to Grandma's house, where we spent the night (so Gavin could potentially get some sleep, which didn't happen since he was up from 1-4am - thankfully the second 1am and not the first, so *just* 3 hours. However, we didn't find out about this until morning thanks to a very kind Grandma who stayed up with him and probably majorly needed a nap today). Anyway, a few weeks ago we went looking for costumes a couple times and finally found a tow truck costume at Goodwill, which Gavin was quite thrilled about. He was also pretty thrilled to actually wear the costume (at least after we were out the door) and quickly got the hang of knocking, saying "trick-or-treat" and picking a piece of candy. This morning as we got into the van to come home, he asked "where are we going to trick-or-treat?" It was fun to watch Gavin enjoy himself, and we enjoyed getting to see friends and family (several of Chad's aunts and uncles were at his parents' house).

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COURTNEY said...

What a cute little dump truck he made! Such a cool costume!!

Arwen said...

That truck costume is positively adorable! And the pictures are just gorgeous - such perfect snapshots of fall.

Zach and Amanda said...

I love the costume! Thanks for an update!