Saturday, July 11, 2009

Berry Picking

2009 07 11_8382_edited-1

We went raspberry and marionberry picking today at Chad's Aunt's house and at Thompson Farms, respectively. The raspberries are on their way out (but still tasty, and free - thanks Boyles!) but the marionberries are huge, sweet (well, mostly, if you pick the right ones!), plentiful and cheap ($1/pound)! Gavin certainly preferred picking raspberries to picking marionberries - it's much easier and more fun to get tasty fruit if it's thorn-free, at your eye level and doesn't leave you puckering if you accidentally get a not-quite-ripe one.

Here are a few photos from the raspberry goodness (sorry, we didn't carry our camera out into the marionberry fields):

2009 07 11_8361 copy

2009 07 11_8362_edited-1

2009 07 11_8363_edited-1

Still to come: We went to visit my parents at the beginning of May and had a great time. I have lots of photographs and things to write about. Also I'm sure you're dying to hear about Gavin's latest antics, so I'll try to get to that soon, too.


AmyRobynne said...

He is so cute -- I just adore his hair. You're braver than I am to bring an almost 2-year-old berry picking. Raspberries are less hassle than strawberries though, where they're so easily trampled. I've been escaping in the early morning so I can pick berries all by myself. Strawberries just finished this week here and raspberries and blueberries are starting up.

E said...

cute cute cute cute