Monday, June 1, 2009

Being Polite

Gavin has been expressing his independence a little more recently in the form of whining, throwing fits (though I think these are probably minor compared to the possibilities I've seen in other older children) and generally having a bad attitude when things don't go the way he wants them. Since we want him to learn self-control, we've been teaching him to be polite rather than whine and have a bad attitude. It's amazing how much difference there is in his attitude when he simply changes the words he uses to ask for something. "May I have a [fill in the blank] please" and "I want/need [fill in the blank]!!" are more than just different words for him - they are different attitudes, too. And hearing him say "may I have a [fill in the blank] please" is sometimes quite amusing, depending on what he's asking for. Today he asked nicely for another bite of pineapple ("may I have a pineapple please"), to get down from his high chair ("may I have a get down please"), and for Chad to play with him by letting him push him off the couch ("may I have a push Daddy off couch please").


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I love the "may I have a push daddy off the couch please".... so darling!!