Monday, April 20, 2009

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

2009 04 20_7827_edited-2

We made it down to Woodburn today for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. Gavin's favorite pastime was running around the garden area and smelling all of the tulips! We had a good time enjoying the sun and the amazing flowers, and I had a little time by myself to take some photos.

Smelling the Flowers

2009 04 20_7792

2009 04 20_7825_edited-1

2009 04 20_7844_edited-1


Emily said...

I must've just missed you! We were there today from about 12-2. :)

Incredible day for it. Beautiful shots!

Amy Lacey said...

Those pictures are SO beautiful, it doesn't even look real!!! AMAZING. Amazing.....amazing.....

Zach and Amanda said...

It was such a treat to see you guys there! Great shots!

COURTNEY said...

Sweet pics. I love the first one of the tulips!

Lindsi said...

What gorgeous pictures! You are truly talented with that camera :)