Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Few Photos

It seems like as Gavin gets older it gets more difficult to take photos of him - mainly because the light-to-movement ratio seems to be getting much smaller. I.e. - I need enough ambient light to get a fast enough shutter speed that it doesn't matter that he's running around all the time. But, we can't really go outside (at least without another adult with us) because he moves fast enough to make me nervous that he'll go in the street or get into some other kind of trouble while I'm taking 2 seconds to look through the viewfinder, focus and get the photo. And inside there's so little light that I can't get a reasonably fast shutter speed to keep the photos from being blurry. Thus enters the off-camera flash that I've been wanting to try out now that I know a little more about photography. Chad helped some on Monday with moving it around and getting Gavin to do fun things and I fired away. Here are a few photos that I really like out of the batch.

2009 03 30_7481_edited-1

Socks and Shoes (v2)

2009 03 30_7381_edited-1

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Amy L said...

Really wonderful photos, Michelle. You have a gift, and of course having a cute son helps with cute pictures! :)