Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Conversation (and a couple other things too)

Chad (as he comes in the door from work): Hello there!
Gavin: Hi! How a' you doin'?
Chad: I'm pretty good. How are you?
Gavin: I'm good.
Chad to Michelle, a little dumbfounded: Um, did we just have a conversation???

Another blurb from tonight:
Gavin: Daddy brilliant!!
Chad: Daddy's... brilliant???
Gavin (nodding head vigorously): Uh-huh!

And from earlier today:
Michelle to Gavin: Can I have a kiss?
Gavin: No!
Gavin starts to run in the other direction, then stops, turns around and grins and runs headlong into Michelle to give her a kiss.

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E said...

Cute, cute, and more cute! Right now Oula is taking a bath and has been talking with her bath toys for 45 minutes...I'm not 100% able to follow her line of thought

We are shivering...let's get a quilt...and the bears came...OH! Let's go to grandma's house! Let's go by on a big boat, she can swim in it! I can't sail in the water!