Saturday, January 31, 2009

First (Major) Haircut

Gavin's hair has been growing slowly but steadily and, even though I really hated the thought of cutting it because I love it so much, I finally decided it was looking too much like a mullet. Maybe the fact the the front spiky pieces were about to get into his eyes helped me out, too. So, I took him to Chad's cousin Sara for his first (real, major) haircut (he had the back trimmed about 1/4 inch or less in late August). She did a great job, and Gavin complied wonderfully. He pretty much just sat on my lap holding my hands under the drape the whole time (which was 20 or 30 minutes), mostly just taking everything in. It probably helped that Grandma, Grandpa and our friend Mary Kay were there to keep him entertained, distracted, and fully photographed every step of the way. :) And yes, I did keep some of his beautiful red hair. (And I got to get a haircut, too, afterward. Yay!)


First Haircut - Before (front)

First Haircut - Before (back)


First Haircut - During

First Haircut - During

First Haircut - During


First Haircut - After (front)

First Haircut - After (back)

Thanks to Mary Kay for taking the photos while I held Gavin in my lap!

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