Monday, January 26, 2009

And now for a news update...

New Table and Chair

We've been having a great time recently at our house. Gavin is growing and learning and playing and generally being fun and happy and curious more and more as time goes by. Some fun new things:

  • More and More Words!! There is no possible way I could count the number of words in Gavin's vocabulary at this point. Definitely many hundreds. He has been putting together 2-word sentences for quite a while now (at least since Thanksgiving) and is venturing into 3 or more sometimes. Most of the words he says are pretty recognizable, even to other people :). He will sometimes sit down with a book and start "reading" it, just babbling away and turning the pages (unfortunately I haven't been able to catch this on video yet). He says "please," "thank you" and "no thank you" on a regular basis but often needs prompting. He has started singing two or three phrases to a song I sing him occasionally.
  • Letters and Numbers and Colors, Oh My! Gavin loves to learn! He started asking us what the letters were in one of his ABC books a while back and now knows 17 letters (ABCHIJKLMOPQRUVWY, upper case only). His favorite and first-learned letter is Q. He can spot most of these (especially his favorite ones, like H, M and Q) just about anywhere. Like on the Quizno's sandwich shop sign. Or the big screen at church that says "Mosaic". Or the hospital signs by the side of the road. Or randomly in a book. It's pretty funny to see what he notices. Along with the letters, he wants to know what numbers are, too. He knows by sight 6, 8 and 9. He can also count at least to 4, and sometimes to 6 (but occasionally he leaves out 5), but he doesn't recognize the written numbers for those yet. We initiated teaching him colors a little while ago (before Thanksgiving) and he knows almost all of the major ones now - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, and black. We're working on brown and will add gray later.
  • Books and Nerdy Baby ABCs - Gavin has always loved books, but now he will actually sit down with us through a reasonably long one (70 pages) while we read it to him. His favorites right now are some we got him for Christmas - Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss and Go, Dog. Go! by P. D. Eastman. He loves Hop on Pop the most and will randomly repeat phrases from it while he's going about his business - like "pup cup", "play all day!", and "fight all night!" (uh-oh). He either says "pup cup" or "hop pop" to ask to read it. Chad got him some Nerdy Baby ABCs a while ago and he absolutely loves to read them. He knows (and says the words for) about half of the pictures - like Atom, Diurnal, Glaciation, Hydrogen Bonding, Jovian Moons and Lunar Eclipse. It's pretty funny to watch (and I'm hoping to catch it on video soon).
  • Talking on the Phone and Cooking - It's fun to see Gavin's imagination start to take off. He continues to pretend to talk to lots of different people using random things as phones. If we ask him who he is talking to, he usually starts by answering "Grandma!" and then goes through quite a list of people. He has recently started to pretend to cook and/or eat things, too. Yesterday morning he grabbed a bowl and spoon and started stirring, saying "omelet!!". In his bathtub he will use a spoon and pretend to eat, saying "soup! mmm-mmmm! tasty!". He started pretending to take crackers off a tray in his room and eat them, too. He loves to help me while I'm cooking (for real) in the kitchen and he is generally quite helpful (except that sometimes I need both arms/hands, and he doesn't want to be left out of the action!). He asks to see into the toaster, the Crock Pot, whatever is on the stove, the bowl I'm making dough in, etc. and will help me stir things.
  • Puzzles, Tables and Chairs - Gavin likes his simple puzzles (he has this one and this one by Melissa and Doug) and can sometimes get the pieces to go into the correct places, especially on the animals one. He knows where they should go but doesn't quite have the fine motor skills (or patience) to get them in quite yet. He's not too bad, though - he probably gets them in 1/4 of the time. Recently he loves to sit in chairs and use small, low-height things (like my stepstool) as tables. We decided he might like to have his own, so we got him a Gavin-sized table and chair set from Ikea last week. He loves it and has a great time getting into and out of the chair.
  • Scribbling - After seeing that Gavin enjoyed a magnetic doodle board that his cousin Elle had, I found one for him as well. I never knew he could enjoy a toy so much. The first two days he had it, he probably played with it for 3-4 hours. He wouldn't leave the house without it when it was time to pick Chad up from the train station! He loves to scribble and use the magnetic stamps, and he wants us to draw faces for him on it all the time.

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COURTNEY said...

Ok, his hair looks SO red in that picture! Wish I could have seen Gavin and Elle playing together last weekend :( We will be closer now (once I am out of the hospital), so we will have to schedule play dates :)