Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Week of Snow

We had the first snow this winter last Sunday, and every day since then there has been at least snow on the ground, with most days bringing more snow. For all you folk who don't live in the Portland area, this is NOT normal! I don't think I've ever had a whole week of snow anywhere I've ever been, much less lived permanently. We've pretty much stayed at home and gone outside to play in it a few times. Gavin likes it as long as he is being held but is not happy if we set him down! He loves to look out the window and watch the flakes fall, though. The forecast for tonight is for ice, though, which is not nearly as fun. I am a wimp when it comes to driving in "winter weather," mainly because I tried driving in Gresham during the winter storm we had in January 2004 (lots of ice) and barely made it. I got stuck on the top of 2 hills (thankfully the residents who lived at the top of the hills were out helping/pushing), and I watched the semi I was behind slip on a big patch of ice just before my Ford Ranger slipped on the same big patch of ice. Snow (only) - no big deal. Ice - I'll stay inside my house and out of the ditch, thank you.

I took this photo this morning around 11:30, when we had about an inch accumulated. It's 1pm now and we have about 1.5 inches. :)

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Emily said...

Can you believe this?!? Yesterday we had 3-4" in Gresham; I went downtown & you had nothing! From the news tonight, it looks like you're starting to catch up though. Crazy. I'm totally with you on driving on ice!