Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teeth, Amended again

Today I noticed that Gavin's first molar on the right bottom has spikey pieces poking through. I'm not sure if I was wrong or not about his right bottom canine, then - I might have mistaken spikey molar pieces for the canine. It's hard to tell, since he really doesn't like me poking around inside his mouth. I did confirm that there are not any more through on the bottom left (yet), but I have no good way of finding out if there's anything going on up on top.

We are still not on the "normal" schedule I described a few days ago; I am not sure if Gavin's later morning waking time (8:15 this morning - yay for extra sleep!) is temporary, permanent, or temporarily permanent. I'll take it for now, though! I think his actively moving teeth must be making him pretty uncomfortable, so maybe when they slow down, his schedule will even back out. Hopefully his mood will even back out, too - we've had a few tough afternoons lately. I feel bad for him because it's obvious that something is really bothering him, but I am not interested in letting him get away with all the things he knows he's not supposed to do (especially when he precedes the naughty action by saying "no," which means he knows whatever it is is not allowed). I've avoided using Tylenol (or any other drugs) almost completely so far in this teething episode, partially in hopes that he will continue to get used to teething and also because it's rare that he is extremely bothered for more than an hour or so.

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