Monday, November 3, 2008

Random List

More random things I thought about that should be included in the Gavin updates:

Gavin has been occasionally putting two words together for a couple weeks now, but there's usually at least a second or so between them. Like "water... drink", or "up... please". I forgot to mention, too, that he loves to make lots of animal sounds or, in some cases, motions - like "waddle waddle" for penguin (while waddling himself - it cracks me up every time).

He's also been starting to pretend lately, maybe beginning about 2-3 weeks ago, mainly with telephones. He picks up pretty much anything, puts it to his ear and says "hello" - including his monkey's tail tonight in the car. He also has started playing pattycake with his own feet (and asking us to do it with him, too, specifically the "prick" part) and tried to do it to my feet yesterday and his monkey's feet today.

We are on day 3 of starting to teach Gavin to read, and I think he's starting to like it. I am using only 3 words at once (so I don't max out his attention span), and he started repeating them after me this morning. It seemed like he was excited when he started to understand the concept that the letters he is seeing are the words I am saying. We haven't exactly followed the book's outline any day so far (the first day I think I did it totally wrong), but I think it is still going well. By the way, the book we are using is How to Teach Your Baby to Read by Glenn and Janet Doman.

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