Sunday, August 3, 2008


Chad and I were talking today about how amazing it is to watch Gavin learn. It is so fun to be able to communicate with him and to see him figure things out.

Today he learned two more signs - "please" and "hot". We had used these two signs with him only once or twice before today, so I was pretty amazed that he picked them up so quickly. I think the thing that really solidifies a sign in his mind is for us to take his hand and help him do it himself. After we've helped him once, he's pretty much got it. At least, that's how it worked the other day for "hat" and today for "please," but he figured "hot" out on his own today.

Gavin was enthralled with the power drill that Chad was using to put up our new cellular blinds today. He loved touching the part that rotates (while it was going SLOWLY and couldn't hurt him - don't worry) and would constantly ask to see it while Chad was trying to use it. He ended up saying "drill" quite clearly once. He watches our mouths and wrinkles his eyebrows as if to ask us to say a word more slowly so he can figure out how to say it himself.

Gavin's little personality is growing, too, which is fun and sometimes requires discipline. Up to this point, he has almost never showed affection for us by snuggling unless he was nursing or, very occasionally, when it was time to go to sleep. Today at church he put his head on Chad's chest and laid there happily many different times and for several minutes at a time. He also has been expressing his desires a lot more loudly and demanding-ly lately, but, amazingly to me, when I tell him not to have a bad attitude or to say please he understands and (maybe half the time) changes his tone.

I think Gavin is also trying to run. Or, at least, whatever running looks like for a one-year-old! Let's just say at times he is definitely walking significantly faster than at other times. He has almost completely given up the "mummy walk" and keeps his hands either right next to his shoulders (with elbows bent) or near his pants pockets while walking now.

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