Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tooth Number Three

This morning we realized Gavin has cut his third tooth (top right)! We wondered yesterday why he was so out of sorts, and that must have been it. Weird, though, because he wasn't cranky for 6 or 7 weeks beforehand; it kind of sneaked up on us. But most likely this one was on its way while the second bottom one was cutting, so perhaps that's why he was extra unhappy with tooth number two!

Gavin keeps adding new words to his vocabulary - like diaper, bird, Lexi, Amy and Grandpa. Recently we've been playing the "what sound does [insert animal or other noise-making thing] make?" game, mostly with me answering for him (though he'll sometimes make the elephant noise but hasn't done the sign for it yet).

I am truly enjoying Gavin right now and am really glad I can be home with him instead of working. My mom was remarking today that she wouldn't have really described her experience with me as "enjoyable" for the first several months of my life (I was the firstborn and slept very, very little - i.e., 6 hours in 24) even though she loved me and was thrilled to have a daughter, and I would have to say the same for me with Gavin. The first five or so months of his life was really tough for me because he was so fussy and irritable (not to mention how extremely difficult it was for him to learn to nurse and his stomach's intolerance of my eating anything with the tiniest bit of dairy in it, which we didn't discover until about 2 1/2 months), although I loved him like crazy. But I am so glad that he has turned into such an enjoyable and fun one-year-old. We are having such a great time, and, probably, I am much less distressed now when he is occasionally irritable or unhappy because of going through the first five months of extreme fussiness. (Not that I want to repeat that with a second baby, though!)

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