Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indian Giver

Today Gavin figured out the art of giving - and then wanting whatever it was back! He played the game with a plastic box with Chad during dinner, and then he helped with the diaper laundry by picking up diapers out of the basket and handing them to us. When the basket started to run low on diapers, however, he stopped giving them away and stashed them on the floor next to him instead. It's fun to see how he's learning!

Recently Gavin has started looking at us while he points to pictures in books as if to ask, "what's this?". Sometimes he will even say what it is, if it happens to be a bird, dog or duck (that he recognizes as such). Chad picked up his bedtime book today and he promptly turned to the first page, pointed to the little flock of birds in the landscape scene, and said "bir." I think he likes birds because Chad makes a bird-call noise for him when he points them (but I can't mimic it correctly, so he has to put up with a less-bird-like noise from me).

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