Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And we have a tooth!!!

After six months of on-and-off teething (the last three or four days of which have definitely been more of the "on" variety), I think Gavin's first tooth is finally coming through! I can finally feel something razor-sharp right at his gumline. The last few days he has been a lot more clingy, he wants to nurse all the time, and he hasn't been sleeping well. Tonight we finally gave him some Tylenol so he could settle down enough to get to sleep (I've been really trying not to give him medicine for it for the last few months). Whenever the tooth can actually be seen inside his mouth, I'll post a photo. Right now, I can barely get him to open his mouth for me to look in for a quarter second. I'm sure it doesn't feel too great to have my finger rubbing on his sore gums!

In other Gavin news, he is loving walking around holding on to our hands. Everyone asks if he is crawling yet, and the answer is a resounding "no!". He pretty much still hates being on his stomach, although he seems not to mind as much when he is very tired. Tonight he actually moved his arms while in the classic crawling position. Watching him, I really think he just lacks interest - he is certainly strong enough for it.

On the Move


COURTNEY said...

Finally a tooth! Good for him :)Love you guys!

Katie said...

Congrats, Gavin :). A first tooth is quite an accomplishment!