Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally - an update

Gavin is starting to expand his self-awareness. Whereas up until a couple of weeks ago he seemed to consist of a mouth and hands, he now realizes that he has feet and ears as well. The feet one, in particular, amazes me. He must know that they belong to him, because he is fascinated by them and tries to grab them regardless of whether they are bare or in socks or shoes. He also is becoming more and more fascinated by his reflection in the mirror. Usually, this manifests as a desire to head-butt the baby in the mirror, which may or may not indicate a budding intelligence.

We are really hoping he gets some of his teeth in soon. He has been teething for over 2 months now (lots of drool and chewing on everything) but hasn't cut any of his teeth. This leads to many fussy days, and it is particularly frustrating for Michelle, who doesn't get any real break from his fussiness. We would all be glad of some teeth.

Gavin has also started sitting recently. We still have to be vigilant, lest he tip over sideways, but he will sit for a fair amount of time if he has something in front of him to keep his attention. When he was laying on my lap last night, he tried to do a sit up. He was unsuccessful, but it was impressive nonetheless. Michelle says that he would have a six-pack but for the layer of baby fat on his tummy.

Let's see, what else is new lately... Gavin is becoming much more vocal, and will yell without a compelling reason to do so. The first couple of times he did it, i wondered what was wrong, but he was just testing out his vocal chords. He's getting slightly easier to amuse, but i have yet to get a full laugh out of him. Amy did it once, and i can get him to have a very large smile, but when i get him to laugh, it sounds more like a forced cough, like he can't fully relax into the laugh. His generally stoic nature definitely reminds me of me.

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