Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Four-Month Doctor Visit

Last Friday Gavin went in for his four-month checkup and it turns out that we have the average baby. He is in the 50th percentile in height, weight and head circumference (No big head yet!). He was actually in the 20th percentile in height at his two-month visit, and has grown 3.5 inches in the last two months to catch up with the rest of his body (he was 50th percentil in weight at two months). He got his shots as well, but didn't seem to have too much trouble with them. They make him sleepy, but not terribly sore for too long.

Gavin continues to become more and more interactive - grabbing everything he can and letting us know what he thinks about it. i've successfully taught him to make a razzing sound (pushing air through his pursed-but-loose lips). Actually, i'm not sure if i should be proud of that fact... but i am. We've also started sitting him up (with our support. Sometimes he can sit on his own, but not for long - it's more us balancing him just right until he actually moves). He is interested in the stackable cups and blocks we put in front of him and, due to his lack of fine motor skills, continually knocks down the towers we build while trying to grab something to put in his mouth.

He still loves looking at any lights. We put up our (fake but real-looking) Christmas tree yesterday, and when i turned the lights on, he just stared. It kept him entertained for the entire time it took us to put the ornaments on the tree. Fun times were had by all.