Friday, November 2, 2007

I've got a thumb!

Gavin found his thumb yesterday. It could have been the day before, but for certain I walked into where he was sleeping and saw his thumb pushed way inside his mouth and heard loud sucking noises going on. Really, I'm relieved. He still won't suck on his pacifier - chew on it and play with it with his tongue, maybe, but never suck. And he seems to want to suck often, much more often than he wants to eat. He'll suck my knuckle or my hand sometimes, but today he chewed on my thumb knuckle enough that it really started to hurt, and I think he gave me a bit of a bruise on my hand where he was sucking. I never thought I'd think thumb-sucking was a good thing, but I don't suppose he's going to do any permanent damage to himself and he goes back to sleep better if he can get a good couple of minutes of sucking in when he wakes up in the middle of a nap.

I think he's working on discovering his hands, too. He grabs things now, on accident mostly, but once he grabs something, he does have a tendency to pull it towards his mouth. Whenever I put the pacifier to his mouth, he tries to either grab it or push it away (sometimes I can't quite tell which). Maybe in another week or two he'll be able to actually hold a rattle or other toy for long enough to pay attention to it and keep himself slightly entertained.

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Katie said...

yay Gavin! I'm a BIG fan of thumb-sucking :). It's the pacifier that they never lose. I'm pretty convinced that it helps Rachel have the good sleeping habits that she does.