Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Throwing Up

Gavin has been throwing up quite a bit lately (the last few weeks). After he eats, he will, with little to no warning, regurgitate part of his meal. Sometimes it is only a little, but sometimes it is a good portion of what he ate. It isn't just spitting up, because it has some force behind it. So now i get a little nervous when i have him up over my head. Not that i haven't been thrown up on before (thank you, Lexi), but it isn't the most pleasant experience and usually necessitates a change of shirt.

Michelle took him to the doctor today and found out he's just a 'happy spitter.' That means that there isn't anything wrong with him; he just vomits. He doesn't particularly mind, either before or after, so that's a good thing. It is a bit annoying, and we are doing a lot of laundry for him. i generally don't wear a shirt twice before it needs washing anymore, either. In fact, with the amount of laundry we're doing for cloth diapers and now his clothes, i'll be interested to see if there is a noticeable difference in our water bill. For now, though, i'll be going everywhere with an extra burp rag.


swannsdlg said...

Just like his mama, tee hee! It's payback time!! ;-)

Andrew said...

Elle has been doing that alot too...the forceful vomit, but without it bothering her. It is their way of being together apart. Love ya

Nicole said...

My oldest was a happy spitter too. I can definitely relate. Besides creating a BUNCH more laundry big deal. He outgrew it by about 6-7 months I think. Invest in some cloth diapers to catch all of those messes! They are lifesavers!