Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Having Fun

Gavin SittingGavin continues to become more and more fun to play with. Besides all the tongue-related play, we have a new game, illustrated to the left. Gavin has been able to sit on my hand like that for over a month now. At some pointin all the hand sitting, when he would lose his balance backwards i would swing him down close to the floor and back up to a sitting position. It's more like a controlled (by me) fall. Young children are almost always delighted to be 'dropped' or thrown around (as long as you actually catch them). They have such an amazing capacity to trust everyone. At some point, however, they get dropped a few times, and we teach them about all the things they need to be afraid of, and they end up being afraid of instability or the unknown (just like the rest of us)... but i digress. Anyways, after a while of doing the dropping thing with Gavin, he realized that it happens when he falls backwards. So now he falls back intentionally. Sometimes it isn't very obvious, but every once in a while he throws himself back vigorously so it is obvious that he knows what he is doing.

StoicThe strange thing to me is that he never smiles during our play. He definitely likes it (or at least acts like he does) and never cries like i'm making him lie on his stomach or something horrible like that, but he is very stoic about it. Now, he isn't a very smily baby to begin with (especially for pictures), but i can usually get a smile out of him when we're playing at other times. But not while he's being dropped. Maybe he's just humoring me and views his falling back as a job ("Ok, ok, i'll do it again. You look so happy when i do, and you make such a funny noise."). Oh well, at least one of us is enjoying it.

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swannsdlg said...

Oh, my goodness! These photos make me want to see the little guy SO much! He is just TOOOOOO cute!