Monday, October 8, 2007

First Cold

Colds suck. Actually, i haven't been hit too hard in the last couple years by any bug, so i can't complain for myself. Besides, even if i'd had some horrible flu in the last year, it wouldn't compare to a two-month old with a cold. Gavin was sick this weekend, and Michelle and i decided that we wouldn't mind if he never got sick again. Really. That wouldn't disappoint us.

Okay, so it wasn't anything near life-threatening. The primary symptoms were a stuffy nose, sick-looking eyes, and a general lack of energy. He was quite snuggly all weekend, which i did enjoy, but the reason behind it was a bit of a kill-joy. He wasn't able to eat very well and his stomach would hurt because of drainage, and that made him fussy. All i wanted was to make him feel better, but there was nothing i could do except hold him and try to make him as comfortable as possible. That included sleeping upright on the couch so he could breathe easier and pretty much not putting him down all weekend. Who (besides all of you who already have kids) knew that a simple cold could cause so much parental distress?

If we get all worked up about a small cold that doesn't even prevent him from eating and sleeping, how are we going to react to something that actually causes him pain? i'm so excited.

Thankfully, he started feeling better yesterday and was more of his usual self - much more alert and eager to interact with us. He has started making a consistent sound, which i guess would be best transliterated as 'ah-goo'. He says it most often when i stick my tongue out at him (there i go with the tongue thing again). It is definitely a happy sound, maybe even an excited one.

Now that he's feeling better, it's time for his first shots. i was planning on going to the doctor with him and Michelle, but i had to work instead. i can't say i'm disappointed not to be there to watch him get them, but i would like to be there to comfort him (and share in Michelle's distress). Well, i suppose i'll be able to do that when i get home. Something tells me i'm going to like shots about as much as i like sickness.

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the mama said...

oh gads... shots. we are a couple of those 'no-shots' hippies so we don't deal with the agony anymore, but stella had them for her first year of life and it was oh-so-crappy.

glad to hear the little man is feeling better. it's never fun when the urchins get sick. and it's so hard to know how to comfort them when you have no clue what hurts.

oh the joys.