Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Gavin will be two months old Friday, and i just realized that soon we won't be referring to his age in number of weeks. Instead, it will be months. We figure that we could use weeks until about 12, but it really doesn't make sense after that ("He's 46 weeks old!" - uh, no). i don't think that marks any milestone for him, but it does slightly change the way i think about him. He won't seem so young when i refer to him in months. It's kind of like the first year Michelle and i were married - we had little celebrations every month to mark the aging of our marriage (aging like a fine wine, not like stale bread). That doesn't happen anymore, nor should it. Months just don't have the same significance when stacked up against multiple years. And that's a great thing. i'm just not sure i want it happening to Gavin too soon.

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