Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Having Fun

Gavin SittingGavin continues to become more and more fun to play with. Besides all the tongue-related play, we have a new game, illustrated to the left. Gavin has been able to sit on my hand like that for over a month now. At some pointin all the hand sitting, when he would lose his balance backwards i would swing him down close to the floor and back up to a sitting position. It's more like a controlled (by me) fall. Young children are almost always delighted to be 'dropped' or thrown around (as long as you actually catch them). They have such an amazing capacity to trust everyone. At some point, however, they get dropped a few times, and we teach them about all the things they need to be afraid of, and they end up being afraid of instability or the unknown (just like the rest of us)... but i digress. Anyways, after a while of doing the dropping thing with Gavin, he realized that it happens when he falls backwards. So now he falls back intentionally. Sometimes it isn't very obvious, but every once in a while he throws himself back vigorously so it is obvious that he knows what he is doing.

StoicThe strange thing to me is that he never smiles during our play. He definitely likes it (or at least acts like he does) and never cries like i'm making him lie on his stomach or something horrible like that, but he is very stoic about it. Now, he isn't a very smily baby to begin with (especially for pictures), but i can usually get a smile out of him when we're playing at other times. But not while he's being dropped. Maybe he's just humoring me and views his falling back as a job ("Ok, ok, i'll do it again. You look so happy when i do, and you make such a funny noise."). Oh well, at least one of us is enjoying it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Throwing Up

Gavin has been throwing up quite a bit lately (the last few weeks). After he eats, he will, with little to no warning, regurgitate part of his meal. Sometimes it is only a little, but sometimes it is a good portion of what he ate. It isn't just spitting up, because it has some force behind it. So now i get a little nervous when i have him up over my head. Not that i haven't been thrown up on before (thank you, Lexi), but it isn't the most pleasant experience and usually necessitates a change of shirt.

Michelle took him to the doctor today and found out he's just a 'happy spitter.' That means that there isn't anything wrong with him; he just vomits. He doesn't particularly mind, either before or after, so that's a good thing. It is a bit annoying, and we are doing a lot of laundry for him. i generally don't wear a shirt twice before it needs washing anymore, either. In fact, with the amount of laundry we're doing for cloth diapers and now his clothes, i'll be interested to see if there is a noticeable difference in our water bill. For now, though, i'll be going everywhere with an extra burp rag.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sniffs GoodOne of the perks of fatherhood, for me anyways, has been that i get to hold Gavin. i have always loved holding babies, and it's even better now that i have my own. Not that there aren't times where my back aches because he won't let me put him down for more than 30 seconds without declaring (loudly) that he wants to be picked back up. He's kind of funny that way - occasionally he'll stay asleep if we put him down somewhere (we've had more success with the swing than elsewhere), but usually he'll wake right back up, regardless of how tired he is. So we hold him more often than not, sleep with him at our (Michelle's) side or on our (my) chest, and generally give him a lot of attention.

As a bonus for me, holding Gavin can even be a perk for Michelle! Sometimes, after a long day of holding Gavin, she just wants to be able to do something else without him as a constant impediment. That means i get thanked for doing something i would gladly do in the first place. It's a win-win situation. Admittedly, i can get lazy sometimes while holding Gavin. i could get some things done if i put him in the Baby Bjorn, not to mention it helps prevent backache. So i should be a little more on the ball with that. On the whole, it's a good arrangement.

Gavin is becoming more and more vocal all the time. From 'conversations' with me involving much sticking out of tongues to complaining that he doesn't like being held in that position right now (or that one, either, and no, i'm not going to fall asleep just because you put me in that position), he is learning that there are more sounds he can make than just tightening his larynx and forcing air through it. His smiles are coming more frequently as well. i'm sure that soon he will be finding roots to quadratic equations. (Note how i'm keeping my expectations low - i'm not asking for calculus right out of the gate) ;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

First Cold

Colds suck. Actually, i haven't been hit too hard in the last couple years by any bug, so i can't complain for myself. Besides, even if i'd had some horrible flu in the last year, it wouldn't compare to a two-month old with a cold. Gavin was sick this weekend, and Michelle and i decided that we wouldn't mind if he never got sick again. Really. That wouldn't disappoint us.

Okay, so it wasn't anything near life-threatening. The primary symptoms were a stuffy nose, sick-looking eyes, and a general lack of energy. He was quite snuggly all weekend, which i did enjoy, but the reason behind it was a bit of a kill-joy. He wasn't able to eat very well and his stomach would hurt because of drainage, and that made him fussy. All i wanted was to make him feel better, but there was nothing i could do except hold him and try to make him as comfortable as possible. That included sleeping upright on the couch so he could breathe easier and pretty much not putting him down all weekend. Who (besides all of you who already have kids) knew that a simple cold could cause so much parental distress?

If we get all worked up about a small cold that doesn't even prevent him from eating and sleeping, how are we going to react to something that actually causes him pain? i'm so excited.

Thankfully, he started feeling better yesterday and was more of his usual self - much more alert and eager to interact with us. He has started making a consistent sound, which i guess would be best transliterated as 'ah-goo'. He says it most often when i stick my tongue out at him (there i go with the tongue thing again). It is definitely a happy sound, maybe even an excited one.

Now that he's feeling better, it's time for his first shots. i was planning on going to the doctor with him and Michelle, but i had to work instead. i can't say i'm disappointed not to be there to watch him get them, but i would like to be there to comfort him (and share in Michelle's distress). Well, i suppose i'll be able to do that when i get home. Something tells me i'm going to like shots about as much as i like sickness.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Gavin will be two months old Friday, and i just realized that soon we won't be referring to his age in number of weeks. Instead, it will be months. We figure that we could use weeks until about 12, but it really doesn't make sense after that ("He's 46 weeks old!" - uh, no). i don't think that marks any milestone for him, but it does slightly change the way i think about him. He won't seem so young when i refer to him in months. It's kind of like the first year Michelle and i were married - we had little celebrations every month to mark the aging of our marriage (aging like a fine wine, not like stale bread). That doesn't happen anymore, nor should it. Months just don't have the same significance when stacked up against multiple years. And that's a great thing. i'm just not sure i want it happening to Gavin too soon.