Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Way too cute

Sometimes, i wonder if Gavin will stop getting cuter (see the Flickr gizmo to the left). i guess he will, but at the rate he's going now, it will only happen once he's too old to get cuter (at which point he'll be getting more handsome). i suppose his current cute growth spurt is because of the number of faces he's adding to his repertoire daily, along with an increased awareness of his surroundings and responsiveness. He really appears to be listening to people now when they talk to him, and he definitely has preferences. Unfortunately he can only really express negative preferences, expressed mainly in the form of crying/fussing. Last night, for example, he was tired after eating and getting his diaper changed, so i was trying to put him to sleep. i tried multiple different positions that he didn't like, before finally figuring out that he wanted to lay against my chest. Within seconds of being put in that position, he was out and i was able to go back to bed (i didn't dare move him - he sleeps on my chest a lot these days).

His head control continues to improve. i don't worry about his head very much anymore unless i am moving him around. I can also balance him on my hand 'sitting up'. I gave him his first bottle yesterday. We want him to be able to take a bottle on occasion so that Michelle can eventually go back to work for a day. It was a bit of work figuring it all out. He had some to figure out, but i probably needed more pointers on what to do so i didn't drown him in milk. We did finally figure it out and he sucked down all that the bottle held and wanted more.

On another note, today is Michelle's birthday! Happy birthday Michelle! There couldn't be a better mother for Gavin (or wife for me), and she is an amazing mom already. i can only imagine how much better she will become as she gets more experienced. Gavin and i are both so blessed to have her in our family. We love you Michelle!


Katie said...

Happy birthday, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!