Thursday, September 27, 2007


TongueGavin enjoys tongues. At least, he seems to. Particularly, he enjoys having tongues stuck out at him. Or maybe my tongue is just preternaturally comical. Whatever it is, he has been staring at me and reacting when I stick my tongue out at him, including raised eyebrows (it's hard to get a picture of him without his eyebrows raised), occasional smiling, and sometimes (i hope i'm not deceiving myself about this one) sticking out his tongue back at me. And by 'sticking out his tongue' i mean his mouth might open and the tongue barely protrudes. Once in a while it is more pronounced, and i've done it enough to think it isn't just my own imagination - i think there is some correlation between his mouth movements and my tongue protrusion.

See My TongueRegardless of my own delusions about my son's mouth control, he has definitely been much more aware of his surroundings. When he's awake, he is looking at everything and 'talking'. He definitely prefers to be held so that he can see what's going on - either over the shoulder or facing outward from my/Michelle's/whomever's body. Yesterday evening for me consisted of: coming home, making and eating dinner (while Gavin slept), playing with Gavin, taking pictures of Gavin, going to bed (with some changing of diapers and a couple other smaller items). It's a good thing i have perpetual three-day weekends, or i might never get anything done at all! At least with a long weekend I can come up with a couple of hours of non-Gavin related activity. i'm not sure i'll even find time for that, though, once he is actually interacting with us.

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