Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One Month Old

Gavin is a month old today! i can hardly believe it. It's pretty amazing the change seven pounds, five ounces can bring to a family. Of course, he's probably more like nine or nine-and-a-half pounds now. Michelle and my lives have changed significantly - to the point where it's impressive if we both get showers before noon on the weekends. It's definitely worth it - he is consuming our lives pretty much completely and we love him to no end. Thankfully, we've had a lot of help, in the form of meals as well as both our families coming over for extended periods of time and cleaning our house. i can't really imagine what it would look like if we hadn't had help, not to mention our sanity level. Thank you so much, everyone who helped us out!

A few days ago, i was wondering if i would have much to report as far as Gavin's development. A few minutes later, he finished feeding, and it was time to change his diaper. I set him down on his changing table and was playing around with him a bit and he smiled at me! It looked like a real smile (not a gas-fueled one), so i played around with him a bit more and he did it again! i was excited, so i called Michelle over, and she got to see it as well. He hasn't smiled since save for once last night, but i will continue to try to elicit more smiles from him. i must say, i love it when i can get an actual response from Gavin. Two-way communication is much better than one-way (especially when i don't understand what he's trying to tell me. "You're hungry? Gassy? Wet?..."). It's hard to imagine that one day we'll have actual conversations, where i can explain to him the wonders of prime numbers!

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