Thursday, September 20, 2007

A mom-post!

Seeing as I am home all day long every day, I suppose I have very little excuse not to have posted something here yet. Well, nothing except for the 9.5-pound bundle currently sleeping on my chest in his Moby Wrap, around whom every day currently is completely centered (as it should be). So, where to begin...

I think Gavin is smiling a little more now, but it's still really hard to illicit one from him, and I certainly haven't been able to catch one on camera yet. I tried today with my cell phone (it was immediately reachable) after he was done eating, but he was much more interested in staring at it than repeating his smile for me. Most of his smiles so far have been on the changing table - for some reason he seems to love being diaper-less. I think it also has something to do with the fact that he's relatively close to our faces (and therefore can better see our antics) and generally has a full stomach when he's there.

Gavin is also making more talking-like noises more often. They're generally only one or two "syllables" (which don't really sound anything like pieces of words yet) and are probably better described as sounds-that-aren't-grunting-or-crying-or-some-variation-thereof. Somewhere I read these noises described as "cooing," but I don't know that that fits, either.

I think Gavin would generally be a happy boy if it weren't for his tummy hurting. He spends a good deal of his awake time fussing or crying because he's got air stuck somewhere inside his digestive tract. (I don't blame him - I would be unhappy, too, if my tummy hurt every time I ate.) I'm going off of dairy product for a week to see if it helps.

Gavin doesn't seem to like being alone. He prefers sleeping right next to me in our bed over sleeping in his co-sleeper, which is attached to the bed on my side. Often he won't stay asleep unless he's on someone's chest or in someone's arms. Oh, or in his carseat, which is sometimes a lifesaver. A couple days ago he fell asleep, so I put him in his carseat and set it in the bathroom so I could take a shower (showers are a commodity these days). Right before I got in, he woke up but was happy, so I went ahead and took a shower. He started crying after a minute or two and didn't stop even as I talked to him. But as soon as I got out and he could see me, he was quiet again. Today I tried it again, but this time put his carseat so that he could still see me the whole time. Voila, happy baby and clean mama.

I think that's it for the moment. Maybe it won't be a month and a half until I post again... here's hoping!


AmyRobynne said...

Moby Wraps are great! I loved mine when Leo was tiny.

It amazed me when the boys were brand-new how they could scoot over to me in bed to make sure they were right up against us. We originally had this nest sleeper thing that went in our bed but kept Peter in his own space and he hated it. As soon as we put him on the mattress next to us, he was happy and snuggled up to us. These days he's fine sleeping in his twin bed in his own room (and has been there for 2 years), so eventually, they want their own space.

As for showers, I used to put Peter in a swing, wedged into the bathroom door and I'd sing as I showered and he was sort of okay with it. Once he could sit up and make a mess of the toilet paper while I showered, it was easier. When Leo was born, I didn't want to leave him somewhere that Peter could hurt him, so I got a water sling and wore him while I showered during those early months.

the mama said...

something that might help gavin with his fussiness is a pediatric chiropractor. i have a great one if you're interested. she did wonders for ivy when she was born and she still treats the girls at least every six months. it's amazing how everything in our body's is so connected and every part needs to be functioning properly for our body's to feel good.

i'm so glad you found a wrap that you like! that's one thing that i loved to do with my girls... there's just something about having them close.

MooBeeMa said...

Ben (who is 13 now) slept with us until he was 9 months old. Best thing we ever did! I also went off sugar and dairy for him when I was nursing. I never felt better in my life!!

And a big AMEN to the pediatric chiropractor suggestion. They are THE BEST. Every baby should have one!

Jen Holt said...

wow... it's been a while since i read your blogs. gavin is adorable and it's so cool to read about how he is developing.

just a suggestion for the gas problems... around 3 months carianne started having gas issues. she was fussing all the time and neither of us was happy. anyway, we tried everything we could think of and then read in a baby book about mylicon. apparently it helps turn big air bubbles into little air bubbles so that they can get out. we figured we had nothing to lose and bought some. i think she burped and/or farted for an hour straight! we were all much happier after that.