Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ahoy, matey! Yesterday when i posted, i forgot one of my favorite little baby things that Gavin has started doing - the open-mouth kiss (not mine, his). It isn't nearly as gross as it sounds. What happens is that i give Gavin a kiss on the lips. At this point, i'm not sure what is going on through his head, but it is probably something along the lines of "Avast! Something just touched my lips, so maybe i should open my mouth." Whatever he actually thinks, he opens his mouth a little like he's surprised. At that point i kiss him again, and the hollow sound/feeling gives me great joy, for reasons i don't intellectually understand.

Speaking of the intellectual aspects of parenting (or lack thereof), one thing that has surprised me is my reactions to some things that are way outside my normal bounds. For example, i get positively giddy if i can get a single, remotely real, smile out of Gavin and will do quite crazy things (including, but not limited to, altering my voice up an octave or two) to get him to do it again. Since i am normally a very even-keeled person, my antics deviate greatly from my normal patterns. Don't get me wrong, i'm glad i do it and that my relationship with Gavin brings it out in me. In fact, i could probably use a little more of that craziness in my everyday life, letting go of my inhibitions that really don't do anything except protect me from my own evaluation of what others think of me. And that is quite a tangle, with no real redeeming qualities.

Well, shiver me timbers! i had nay idee me hearties actually read this here blog, but, according t' comments on t' previous post, thar's at least two o' ye (besides immediate family)! i find that quite intimidatin', but after readin' th' last paragraph, i decided t' pony up an' nay hold anythin' aft. i hope ye lubbers don't mind me foray into t' unconventional!


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Anonymous said...

Chad, you are the most potion dad ever. So incredibly potion. Love you,