Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week Three

Watching a baby develop is an interesting thing. Moment by moment, it doesn't seem as though much is changing, but when i look back, there is a lot of things that Gavin does differently or better than he did previously. i decided to look up the various milestones that babies reach at different ages, mostly to find out what i should be looking for. i don't want to miss things just because i'm not prepared to see them. It's funny, because i'm looking at the list with the presupposition that Gavin is 'normal' (that he defines what milestones should be reached when). So i'll see one thing and think 'Some babies can do that already!?' and look at another and think 'Doing that takes most babies how long?' Gavin has his own path, and i'm not going to try to fit him into a normal path (who wants to be normal anyways?).

Gavin has much better head control now than he did a week ago. i wouldn't say he is in control of his head at all times, but he will definitely twist around to stare at something that piques his interest - mostly bright lights. He doesn't move his head to look for the source of sounds right now, but i'm sure that will come eventually. He will, however, lean his head back to look at me (or maybe it's the ceiling light) if i have him on my chest. His head bobs and weaves quite a bit, but i don't feel like i need to hold it constantly.

He is also definitely rolling over now. He hasn't mastered the art, and he only rolls one way, but he has the basic mechanics down and will get frustrated if his feet can't find purchase enough to help him over. We try to give him 'tummy time' regularly, but it seems like every time i do it, he decides he is either going to roll over or get annoyed that he is unable to do so (Michelle seems to have gotten better results).

Let's see, what else can i bore you with? Gavin loves taking a bath. He doesn't fuss at all when we put him in his little tub to clean him up (ok, maybe a little when he first gets in or when we are particularly vigorous in cleaning him). In fact, he also loves the sound of running water. It is one way that we can calm him down when he gets particularly fussy.

Gavin is now officially a cousin! Andrew and Courtney had Elle Payton on Friday, August 24th, at 8:04AM, delivered via scheduled C-section. Weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz and 19 inches long, she is doing great (as is Courtney). We went to visit on Friday, and Elle showed that she is a champion sucker! She was ready to suck on anything and everything that got in the way of her mouth. We told Gavin that he needed to learn a few things from her, and he has been doing better since then, so maybe he listened to us!

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