Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Four-Month Doctor Visit

Last Friday Gavin went in for his four-month checkup and it turns out that we have the average baby. He is in the 50th percentile in height, weight and head circumference (No big head yet!). He was actually in the 20th percentile in height at his two-month visit, and has grown 3.5 inches in the last two months to catch up with the rest of his body (he was 50th percentil in weight at two months). He got his shots as well, but didn't seem to have too much trouble with them. They make him sleepy, but not terribly sore for too long.

Gavin continues to become more and more interactive - grabbing everything he can and letting us know what he thinks about it. i've successfully taught him to make a razzing sound (pushing air through his pursed-but-loose lips). Actually, i'm not sure if i should be proud of that fact... but i am. We've also started sitting him up (with our support. Sometimes he can sit on his own, but not for long - it's more us balancing him just right until he actually moves). He is interested in the stackable cups and blocks we put in front of him and, due to his lack of fine motor skills, continually knocks down the towers we build while trying to grab something to put in his mouth.

He still loves looking at any lights. We put up our (fake but real-looking) Christmas tree yesterday, and when i turned the lights on, he just stared. It kept him entertained for the entire time it took us to put the ornaments on the tree. Fun times were had by all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finding his voice

Gavin seems to have found his vocal cords recently. He's always been good at crying, and making noises with his mouth shut has been a habit for a long time (like grunting or other things), but he has recently mastered opening his mouth when he uses his vocal cords so that he makes the "aaaa" sound. No true consonants yet, really, but several variations of "aaa" and "ooo" and "eeee" (but only the short e sound). Right now he is lying in the bassinet kicking and moving his arms so that the mobile moves around and talking to himself. He seems to enjoy listening to himself make the noises. And it's really funny when he's saying "aaaa" while sitting on Chad's leg and Chad bounces him.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cup Photos

Drinking from a Cup 8
Drinking from a Cup 6He was at it again today, so here are a couple photos of Gavin drinking from a cup. We got a little video, too, but I don't yet know how to get it from our video camera to the computer. Maybe we'll figure that out soon.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Reaching and drinking from a cup


Gavin decided today that spilling drinking cold water from a cup was fun. We didn't get any photos of it, but since he did it twice and seemed to enjoy it, we probably will be able to get a photo or two soon, maybe even tomorrow. His grandparents and aunt (my family) got to see him do it via webcam. Hooray for the internet!

He's also generally much better at using his hands now. He is reaching for things (including his food source when he is getting ready to eat). He has even figured out how to hold his hands together (sometimes) to grab something - i.e., putting one hand on either side of something and putting pressure on them towards each other.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Schedules and such

When Gavin was born, the plan was to feed him on-demand, which in my mind was whenever he was hungry, and sleep whenever he decided to sleep. That worked for a while. About two weeks ago, however, I realized that Gavin was not sleeping when he needed to sleep (he would yawn and rub his eyes but then not go to sleep for another few hours). In addition, he had started eating on only one side at a time but every hour to hour-and-a-half. (I actually caused this to happen, because when he started throwing up/spitting up a lot all the time, the doctor suggested that I try feeding him on just one side in case he was over-eating, which he wasn't.) The very frequent eating also made it impossible for him to get much sleep at all. And, he basically has never been good at sleeping anywhere other than in someone's arms or right next to me in the bed. So, all that bundled together made me reconsider what we were doing about two weeks ago.

I've always said that I would never put my child on a schedule, and I've always hated the "cry-it-out" method. But it was obvious to me that I had to get Gavin eating on both sides at a time again (partially for my milk supply - he wasn't sucking very much/hard each time because he wasn't all that hungry). And, for his sake and for my sanity, he had to be able to sleep by himself. So, I decided I'd try the schedule thing - regular feeding times and regular naptimes. I realized that I would have to be pretty strict about it at first to get his body into more of a rhythm, so he and I both ended up enduring a lot of crying. I tried putting him down in his cosleeper and staying there, with my hand on him, comforting him, but it only made him madder.

Happily, it is actually working out really well. Two weeks later (and after a lot of trying to figure out what his actual eating and sleeping needs and patterns are), I am not super strict about when he eats and sleeps, but I do have an idea of what is normal for him. I am much better at reading his sleepiness cues and putting him down when he needs a nap (since he actually will be put down now!). I need to be a little more observant about the hungry cues and not be too reliant on just the clock (for instance, last night he needed to eat two hours after the last time rather than three, but it took us about 15 minutes to figure that out). He sleeps in his cosleeper just fine now, and most of the time with very little or no fussing or crying when we put him down. He has even been fairly happy when he wakes up, just making noises for at least a few minutes (unless he wakes up really hungry). In general, a day goes like this, at least for the moment: wake up around 7:15 and eat, possibly go back to sleep until about 8am. For the rest of the day, eat about every 3 hours, taking about 45-minute naps sometime in between. Go to sleep around 8:30 or 9pm, sometimes eat at 10-ish. Eat once during the night.

I think all of us are benefiting from more of a routine. I know that I will have at least 4 45-minute stretches of time when Gavin is sleeping and I can do things that need to be done around the house, during the day (like showering!). Gavin is getting regular sleep and full meals and is much more comfortable being alone. Even while he is awake, he doesn't get really unhappy whenever there's no one in the room (at least for a little while). He is also much less fussy in general during the day. Chad gets to have a sane wife and sometimese even clean laundry, clean dishes and/or dinner. I know that there are many people who are against any kind of schedules for babies, and I understand the arguments and generally agree with them. However, I think that every child is different, as is every mother, and I am for whatever works for the baby and family's best in a given situation.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hands, again

Spinning the toy
Gavin spent at least 15 minutes today playing with the toys that are attached to his swing. I managed to get a couple of good photographs of him batting at the spinning toy. He continues to learn what to do with his hands!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I think I have hands!

Gavin is just now discovering that he has hands! Yesterday was the first time he seemed to purposely grab a toy and try to bring it to his mouth. He started putting his fists in his mouth a while ago (maybe a month or so?), but this was a much more purposeful action, a "I see that toy in front of me, put my arms out toward it, touch it, open my hand, close my hand (hoping I managed to grab it), and pull my hands up toward my mouth" kind of action.

Other photos I have just recently gotten are (finally!) a smile or two and him finding (and sucking on) his thumb.

Also, I couldn't resist dressing him up on Halloween in a costume a friend let us borrow. He was way too cute.

Friday, November 2, 2007

I've got a thumb!

Gavin found his thumb yesterday. It could have been the day before, but for certain I walked into where he was sleeping and saw his thumb pushed way inside his mouth and heard loud sucking noises going on. Really, I'm relieved. He still won't suck on his pacifier - chew on it and play with it with his tongue, maybe, but never suck. And he seems to want to suck often, much more often than he wants to eat. He'll suck my knuckle or my hand sometimes, but today he chewed on my thumb knuckle enough that it really started to hurt, and I think he gave me a bit of a bruise on my hand where he was sucking. I never thought I'd think thumb-sucking was a good thing, but I don't suppose he's going to do any permanent damage to himself and he goes back to sleep better if he can get a good couple of minutes of sucking in when he wakes up in the middle of a nap.

I think he's working on discovering his hands, too. He grabs things now, on accident mostly, but once he grabs something, he does have a tendency to pull it towards his mouth. Whenever I put the pacifier to his mouth, he tries to either grab it or push it away (sometimes I can't quite tell which). Maybe in another week or two he'll be able to actually hold a rattle or other toy for long enough to pay attention to it and keep himself slightly entertained.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Having Fun

Gavin SittingGavin continues to become more and more fun to play with. Besides all the tongue-related play, we have a new game, illustrated to the left. Gavin has been able to sit on my hand like that for over a month now. At some pointin all the hand sitting, when he would lose his balance backwards i would swing him down close to the floor and back up to a sitting position. It's more like a controlled (by me) fall. Young children are almost always delighted to be 'dropped' or thrown around (as long as you actually catch them). They have such an amazing capacity to trust everyone. At some point, however, they get dropped a few times, and we teach them about all the things they need to be afraid of, and they end up being afraid of instability or the unknown (just like the rest of us)... but i digress. Anyways, after a while of doing the dropping thing with Gavin, he realized that it happens when he falls backwards. So now he falls back intentionally. Sometimes it isn't very obvious, but every once in a while he throws himself back vigorously so it is obvious that he knows what he is doing.

StoicThe strange thing to me is that he never smiles during our play. He definitely likes it (or at least acts like he does) and never cries like i'm making him lie on his stomach or something horrible like that, but he is very stoic about it. Now, he isn't a very smily baby to begin with (especially for pictures), but i can usually get a smile out of him when we're playing at other times. But not while he's being dropped. Maybe he's just humoring me and views his falling back as a job ("Ok, ok, i'll do it again. You look so happy when i do, and you make such a funny noise."). Oh well, at least one of us is enjoying it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Throwing Up

Gavin has been throwing up quite a bit lately (the last few weeks). After he eats, he will, with little to no warning, regurgitate part of his meal. Sometimes it is only a little, but sometimes it is a good portion of what he ate. It isn't just spitting up, because it has some force behind it. So now i get a little nervous when i have him up over my head. Not that i haven't been thrown up on before (thank you, Lexi), but it isn't the most pleasant experience and usually necessitates a change of shirt.

Michelle took him to the doctor today and found out he's just a 'happy spitter.' That means that there isn't anything wrong with him; he just vomits. He doesn't particularly mind, either before or after, so that's a good thing. It is a bit annoying, and we are doing a lot of laundry for him. i generally don't wear a shirt twice before it needs washing anymore, either. In fact, with the amount of laundry we're doing for cloth diapers and now his clothes, i'll be interested to see if there is a noticeable difference in our water bill. For now, though, i'll be going everywhere with an extra burp rag.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sniffs GoodOne of the perks of fatherhood, for me anyways, has been that i get to hold Gavin. i have always loved holding babies, and it's even better now that i have my own. Not that there aren't times where my back aches because he won't let me put him down for more than 30 seconds without declaring (loudly) that he wants to be picked back up. He's kind of funny that way - occasionally he'll stay asleep if we put him down somewhere (we've had more success with the swing than elsewhere), but usually he'll wake right back up, regardless of how tired he is. So we hold him more often than not, sleep with him at our (Michelle's) side or on our (my) chest, and generally give him a lot of attention.

As a bonus for me, holding Gavin can even be a perk for Michelle! Sometimes, after a long day of holding Gavin, she just wants to be able to do something else without him as a constant impediment. That means i get thanked for doing something i would gladly do in the first place. It's a win-win situation. Admittedly, i can get lazy sometimes while holding Gavin. i could get some things done if i put him in the Baby Bjorn, not to mention it helps prevent backache. So i should be a little more on the ball with that. On the whole, it's a good arrangement.

Gavin is becoming more and more vocal all the time. From 'conversations' with me involving much sticking out of tongues to complaining that he doesn't like being held in that position right now (or that one, either, and no, i'm not going to fall asleep just because you put me in that position), he is learning that there are more sounds he can make than just tightening his larynx and forcing air through it. His smiles are coming more frequently as well. i'm sure that soon he will be finding roots to quadratic equations. (Note how i'm keeping my expectations low - i'm not asking for calculus right out of the gate) ;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

First Cold

Colds suck. Actually, i haven't been hit too hard in the last couple years by any bug, so i can't complain for myself. Besides, even if i'd had some horrible flu in the last year, it wouldn't compare to a two-month old with a cold. Gavin was sick this weekend, and Michelle and i decided that we wouldn't mind if he never got sick again. Really. That wouldn't disappoint us.

Okay, so it wasn't anything near life-threatening. The primary symptoms were a stuffy nose, sick-looking eyes, and a general lack of energy. He was quite snuggly all weekend, which i did enjoy, but the reason behind it was a bit of a kill-joy. He wasn't able to eat very well and his stomach would hurt because of drainage, and that made him fussy. All i wanted was to make him feel better, but there was nothing i could do except hold him and try to make him as comfortable as possible. That included sleeping upright on the couch so he could breathe easier and pretty much not putting him down all weekend. Who (besides all of you who already have kids) knew that a simple cold could cause so much parental distress?

If we get all worked up about a small cold that doesn't even prevent him from eating and sleeping, how are we going to react to something that actually causes him pain? i'm so excited.

Thankfully, he started feeling better yesterday and was more of his usual self - much more alert and eager to interact with us. He has started making a consistent sound, which i guess would be best transliterated as 'ah-goo'. He says it most often when i stick my tongue out at him (there i go with the tongue thing again). It is definitely a happy sound, maybe even an excited one.

Now that he's feeling better, it's time for his first shots. i was planning on going to the doctor with him and Michelle, but i had to work instead. i can't say i'm disappointed not to be there to watch him get them, but i would like to be there to comfort him (and share in Michelle's distress). Well, i suppose i'll be able to do that when i get home. Something tells me i'm going to like shots about as much as i like sickness.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Gavin will be two months old Friday, and i just realized that soon we won't be referring to his age in number of weeks. Instead, it will be months. We figure that we could use weeks until about 12, but it really doesn't make sense after that ("He's 46 weeks old!" - uh, no). i don't think that marks any milestone for him, but it does slightly change the way i think about him. He won't seem so young when i refer to him in months. It's kind of like the first year Michelle and i were married - we had little celebrations every month to mark the aging of our marriage (aging like a fine wine, not like stale bread). That doesn't happen anymore, nor should it. Months just don't have the same significance when stacked up against multiple years. And that's a great thing. i'm just not sure i want it happening to Gavin too soon.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


TongueGavin enjoys tongues. At least, he seems to. Particularly, he enjoys having tongues stuck out at him. Or maybe my tongue is just preternaturally comical. Whatever it is, he has been staring at me and reacting when I stick my tongue out at him, including raised eyebrows (it's hard to get a picture of him without his eyebrows raised), occasional smiling, and sometimes (i hope i'm not deceiving myself about this one) sticking out his tongue back at me. And by 'sticking out his tongue' i mean his mouth might open and the tongue barely protrudes. Once in a while it is more pronounced, and i've done it enough to think it isn't just my own imagination - i think there is some correlation between his mouth movements and my tongue protrusion.

See My TongueRegardless of my own delusions about my son's mouth control, he has definitely been much more aware of his surroundings. When he's awake, he is looking at everything and 'talking'. He definitely prefers to be held so that he can see what's going on - either over the shoulder or facing outward from my/Michelle's/whomever's body. Yesterday evening for me consisted of: coming home, making and eating dinner (while Gavin slept), playing with Gavin, taking pictures of Gavin, going to bed (with some changing of diapers and a couple other smaller items). It's a good thing i have perpetual three-day weekends, or i might never get anything done at all! At least with a long weekend I can come up with a couple of hours of non-Gavin related activity. i'm not sure i'll even find time for that, though, once he is actually interacting with us.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A mom-post!

Seeing as I am home all day long every day, I suppose I have very little excuse not to have posted something here yet. Well, nothing except for the 9.5-pound bundle currently sleeping on my chest in his Moby Wrap, around whom every day currently is completely centered (as it should be). So, where to begin...

I think Gavin is smiling a little more now, but it's still really hard to illicit one from him, and I certainly haven't been able to catch one on camera yet. I tried today with my cell phone (it was immediately reachable) after he was done eating, but he was much more interested in staring at it than repeating his smile for me. Most of his smiles so far have been on the changing table - for some reason he seems to love being diaper-less. I think it also has something to do with the fact that he's relatively close to our faces (and therefore can better see our antics) and generally has a full stomach when he's there.

Gavin is also making more talking-like noises more often. They're generally only one or two "syllables" (which don't really sound anything like pieces of words yet) and are probably better described as sounds-that-aren't-grunting-or-crying-or-some-variation-thereof. Somewhere I read these noises described as "cooing," but I don't know that that fits, either.

I think Gavin would generally be a happy boy if it weren't for his tummy hurting. He spends a good deal of his awake time fussing or crying because he's got air stuck somewhere inside his digestive tract. (I don't blame him - I would be unhappy, too, if my tummy hurt every time I ate.) I'm going off of dairy product for a week to see if it helps.

Gavin doesn't seem to like being alone. He prefers sleeping right next to me in our bed over sleeping in his co-sleeper, which is attached to the bed on my side. Often he won't stay asleep unless he's on someone's chest or in someone's arms. Oh, or in his carseat, which is sometimes a lifesaver. A couple days ago he fell asleep, so I put him in his carseat and set it in the bathroom so I could take a shower (showers are a commodity these days). Right before I got in, he woke up but was happy, so I went ahead and took a shower. He started crying after a minute or two and didn't stop even as I talked to him. But as soon as I got out and he could see me, he was quiet again. Today I tried it again, but this time put his carseat so that he could still see me the whole time. Voila, happy baby and clean mama.

I think that's it for the moment. Maybe it won't be a month and a half until I post again... here's hoping!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ahoy, matey! Yesterday when i posted, i forgot one of my favorite little baby things that Gavin has started doing - the open-mouth kiss (not mine, his). It isn't nearly as gross as it sounds. What happens is that i give Gavin a kiss on the lips. At this point, i'm not sure what is going on through his head, but it is probably something along the lines of "Avast! Something just touched my lips, so maybe i should open my mouth." Whatever he actually thinks, he opens his mouth a little like he's surprised. At that point i kiss him again, and the hollow sound/feeling gives me great joy, for reasons i don't intellectually understand.

Speaking of the intellectual aspects of parenting (or lack thereof), one thing that has surprised me is my reactions to some things that are way outside my normal bounds. For example, i get positively giddy if i can get a single, remotely real, smile out of Gavin and will do quite crazy things (including, but not limited to, altering my voice up an octave or two) to get him to do it again. Since i am normally a very even-keeled person, my antics deviate greatly from my normal patterns. Don't get me wrong, i'm glad i do it and that my relationship with Gavin brings it out in me. In fact, i could probably use a little more of that craziness in my everyday life, letting go of my inhibitions that really don't do anything except protect me from my own evaluation of what others think of me. And that is quite a tangle, with no real redeeming qualities.

Well, shiver me timbers! i had nay idee me hearties actually read this here blog, but, according t' comments on t' previous post, thar's at least two o' ye (besides immediate family)! i find that quite intimidatin', but after readin' th' last paragraph, i decided t' pony up an' nay hold anythin' aft. i hope ye lubbers don't mind me foray into t' unconventional!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Way too cute

Sometimes, i wonder if Gavin will stop getting cuter (see the Flickr gizmo to the left). i guess he will, but at the rate he's going now, it will only happen once he's too old to get cuter (at which point he'll be getting more handsome). i suppose his current cute growth spurt is because of the number of faces he's adding to his repertoire daily, along with an increased awareness of his surroundings and responsiveness. He really appears to be listening to people now when they talk to him, and he definitely has preferences. Unfortunately he can only really express negative preferences, expressed mainly in the form of crying/fussing. Last night, for example, he was tired after eating and getting his diaper changed, so i was trying to put him to sleep. i tried multiple different positions that he didn't like, before finally figuring out that he wanted to lay against my chest. Within seconds of being put in that position, he was out and i was able to go back to bed (i didn't dare move him - he sleeps on my chest a lot these days).

His head control continues to improve. i don't worry about his head very much anymore unless i am moving him around. I can also balance him on my hand 'sitting up'. I gave him his first bottle yesterday. We want him to be able to take a bottle on occasion so that Michelle can eventually go back to work for a day. It was a bit of work figuring it all out. He had some to figure out, but i probably needed more pointers on what to do so i didn't drown him in milk. We did finally figure it out and he sucked down all that the bottle held and wanted more.

On another note, today is Michelle's birthday! Happy birthday Michelle! There couldn't be a better mother for Gavin (or wife for me), and she is an amazing mom already. i can only imagine how much better she will become as she gets more experienced. Gavin and i are both so blessed to have her in our family. We love you Michelle!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One Month Old

Gavin is a month old today! i can hardly believe it. It's pretty amazing the change seven pounds, five ounces can bring to a family. Of course, he's probably more like nine or nine-and-a-half pounds now. Michelle and my lives have changed significantly - to the point where it's impressive if we both get showers before noon on the weekends. It's definitely worth it - he is consuming our lives pretty much completely and we love him to no end. Thankfully, we've had a lot of help, in the form of meals as well as both our families coming over for extended periods of time and cleaning our house. i can't really imagine what it would look like if we hadn't had help, not to mention our sanity level. Thank you so much, everyone who helped us out!

A few days ago, i was wondering if i would have much to report as far as Gavin's development. A few minutes later, he finished feeding, and it was time to change his diaper. I set him down on his changing table and was playing around with him a bit and he smiled at me! It looked like a real smile (not a gas-fueled one), so i played around with him a bit more and he did it again! i was excited, so i called Michelle over, and she got to see it as well. He hasn't smiled since save for once last night, but i will continue to try to elicit more smiles from him. i must say, i love it when i can get an actual response from Gavin. Two-way communication is much better than one-way (especially when i don't understand what he's trying to tell me. "You're hungry? Gassy? Wet?..."). It's hard to imagine that one day we'll have actual conversations, where i can explain to him the wonders of prime numbers!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week Three

Watching a baby develop is an interesting thing. Moment by moment, it doesn't seem as though much is changing, but when i look back, there is a lot of things that Gavin does differently or better than he did previously. i decided to look up the various milestones that babies reach at different ages, mostly to find out what i should be looking for. i don't want to miss things just because i'm not prepared to see them. It's funny, because i'm looking at the list with the presupposition that Gavin is 'normal' (that he defines what milestones should be reached when). So i'll see one thing and think 'Some babies can do that already!?' and look at another and think 'Doing that takes most babies how long?' Gavin has his own path, and i'm not going to try to fit him into a normal path (who wants to be normal anyways?).

Gavin has much better head control now than he did a week ago. i wouldn't say he is in control of his head at all times, but he will definitely twist around to stare at something that piques his interest - mostly bright lights. He doesn't move his head to look for the source of sounds right now, but i'm sure that will come eventually. He will, however, lean his head back to look at me (or maybe it's the ceiling light) if i have him on my chest. His head bobs and weaves quite a bit, but i don't feel like i need to hold it constantly.

He is also definitely rolling over now. He hasn't mastered the art, and he only rolls one way, but he has the basic mechanics down and will get frustrated if his feet can't find purchase enough to help him over. We try to give him 'tummy time' regularly, but it seems like every time i do it, he decides he is either going to roll over or get annoyed that he is unable to do so (Michelle seems to have gotten better results).

Let's see, what else can i bore you with? Gavin loves taking a bath. He doesn't fuss at all when we put him in his little tub to clean him up (ok, maybe a little when he first gets in or when we are particularly vigorous in cleaning him). In fact, he also loves the sound of running water. It is one way that we can calm him down when he gets particularly fussy.

Gavin is now officially a cousin! Andrew and Courtney had Elle Payton on Friday, August 24th, at 8:04AM, delivered via scheduled C-section. Weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz and 19 inches long, she is doing great (as is Courtney). We went to visit on Friday, and Elle showed that she is a champion sucker! She was ready to suck on anything and everything that got in the way of her mouth. We told Gavin that he needed to learn a few things from her, and he has been doing better since then, so maybe he listened to us!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Symptoms of Awareness!

So, here's where i start in with the posts about how great my son is. i'll try not to be too over-the-top, but we'll see how well that works. Again, you have no obligation to read this blog, so you've been warned...

Gavin began tracking last Thursday evening (August 16th, or 11 days old). i had him on my lap and would wiggle my fingers above him. When he looked at my fingers, i would move them slowly around, and he was definitely following with his eyes/head. He's been looking at people since he was just over a week old. It's amazing to watch him develop so much so quickly, from someone who couldn't do anything at all when just born to someone who has some control over his head and eyes and appears to recognize Michelle and my voices as well as certain words (his name and 'hungry', mostly).

i set him in his crib yesterday for just a moment to do something (he sleeps in a co-sleeper next to our bed, so he doesn't spend much time in his crib in his room) and when i came back, he was mesmerized by his crib bumper. The bumper has a series of cards that he can look at that are supposed to be visually stimulating for babies (black and white, basic patterns), and he definitely seemed interested. So i left him in there for a while and just watched him as he stared and stared at the cards. i was excited, since i find concentric squares fascinating as well.

The only other 'milestone' that i can think of at this point is that he kind of rolled over yesterday at his two-week doctor's visit. The doctor had put him on his stomach, and he lifted his head up and then pushed himself, a little jerkily, onto his side. He seemed quite surprised at the result, and i don't really expect him to do it with any regularity, but it was fun the one time (for us, maybe not for him).

i've been thinking about whether i even want to look up average ages for baby milestones (such as tracking, rolling over, etc). i know some of them approximately, but not all of them. i don't want to set any expectations on Gavin or feel extra-proud or disappointed if he does things before or after those dates. i fully expect him to do some things early and other things late, to develop some skills faster than others. i'll probably look up the average ages just for my own information, so i'll try not to project those onto Gavin. i just think his development is fascinating, and i'll be looking forward to the next symptoms!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Welcome to our blog about our son Gavin! This is more of a personal log of Gavin's doings and accomplishments, so we don't expect you to actually read this (except you, r.). We're not sure exactly what it will look like, so please chime in and let us know what you think!